INDIGITAL X DJ GUITTO is an innovative Colombian Ethnic Electro group, composed of three musicians on stage and a VJ. Their artistic proposal blends electronic sounds, drums, and impactful visuals with the distinctive sound of the Colombian gaita (KUISI). The concept of INDIGITAL focuses on representing the songs and knowledge of Colombian indigenous communities through a unique blend of ancestral and contemporary music.


During their Mapping shows, they project unpublished images of indigenous communities from deep within Colombia, providing a unique visual and auditory experience. The group aims to disseminate and exalt Colombia's ancestral roots, using music as a vehicle to convey messages of environmental conservation, social inclusion of the indigenous population, and the elevation of ancestral Colombian culture.

Dj Guitto, one of the main exponents of Ibagué, a city recognized as the "Creative City of Music by UNESCO" and the "American Capital of Culture 2022," leads this musical initiative. In 2023, INDIGITAL X DJ GUITTO embarked on their second European tour, visiting cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Setúbal, Berlin, Veszprem, Almendralejo, La Coruña, Ponferrada, and Cáceres. They also participated in prominent global music conferences, including WOMEX (Porto/2021, Lisbon/2022, Coruña/2023), BIME (Bilbao/2022, Bogota/2023), BoMM (Bogotá/2023), and the Showcase de Circulart (Medellín, 2021), solidifying their presence in the international music scene.



Embera Eperara Live -Bilbao_SPA 

Dulima Live - Merida_SPA


Photos By: Jose Luis Riaño #FTZstudio


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Cra 3 No. 5-66 Ibagué - Tolima