INDIGITAL, created by Dj Guitto is a Colombian Electro-Folk Group, composed of 3 musicians on stage and a Vj; its concept represents songs and knowledge of Colombian indigenous communities through electronic sounds, drums, unpublished visuals* and its main and emblematic instrument: The Colombian Gaita (chuana - Kuisi).


*During the Mapping show, unpublished images of indigenous communities living in the deepest Colombia are projected.


His show offers an amalgam of ancestral sounds, indigenous chants of Wayuú, Embera Eperara and Kogui tribes, which fused with current sounds of Trance and Techno, become the perfect mix to enjoy a unique experience loaded with colorful visuals of indigenous communities.

The main objective of INDIGITAL is to divulge and exalt the ancestral roots of Colombia, using music as an element of transportation that carries a message of environmental conservation, social inclusion of the indigenous population, and the enhancement of the ancestral Colombian culture.

Dj Guitto, is one of the main exponents of his hometown Ibagué, which holds the title: "UNESCO Creative City of Music" and "American Capital of Culture 2022".


In 2022 the INDIGITAL Group made its first European tour, touring cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Merida, Almendralejo and Badajoz. Also participating in important Conferences of the music sector worldwide, such as WOMEX (Lisbon, 2022), and BIME (Bilbao, 2022) and Show Case of Circulart (Medellin, 2021)


New Album "Organico"

Orgánico is an amalgam of ancestral sounds, shamanic, indigenous chants of Wayu, Embera Eperara and Kogui tribes; which fused with current sounds of Trance and Techno, become the perfect mix to enjoy a unique sensory experience. Composed by 13 tracks, (COLOMBIA, BAUDÓ, KARLAKÁ, EMBERA EPERARA, MAGDALENA, FUERZA FUERZA, DULIMA, ELOIM, LULUMOY, TAMÁ, JAYECHI, ORIGEN) which during 63 minutes draw a journey through the Andean mountain range, until reaching the coasts of the Colombian Pacific and Caribbean. This album contains organic elements such as drums, Alegres, llamadores, maracas, guaches, Chuchos, Palo de Agua, bongos, marrana and its main and emblematic instrument "La Gaita or Chuana Colombiana".


Recorded and produced from the prestigious studio of the Musical "Eco Music Sound", which together with FTZstudio, manage to condense the entire sound and visual concept of the project

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